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It is not pride, but the data speaks for itself, we are delighted to have been proven beyond doubts as the go to consultancy agency that provides the quality guide when opening a business in the food industry

Animal Husbandry

Are you looking to raise animals for commercial purposes? Do you know the right information in terms of breeds, medications and car? Do you need help in selecting the right feeds and also finding the the right market to sell your products. Are you looking to produce meat for commercial use? I trust you know we can deliver in all of that and we are always available to set you up from nothing to a fully fletched business racking in profits.

Land Development

Let us advise you on the processes of preparing your land for plantations and harvests for continuous productivity


You have to understand the technique involved in reaping the produce and how to mass produce

Crop Spraying

How do you know the right pesticide to apply to preserve your plant and which is environmentally friendly.



How do you cultivate this special perishables? We will expose you to the various technologies out there that can enhance the productivity of these species.


Milk Production

The focus on producing a healthy cows for healthy milk production needs to be studied as this details will guarantee all year round production and output optimization.

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